Aerial Yoga
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Jesa, began practicing yoga diligently in 1998, in 2008 she completed her 200-ryt in Hawaii at the Aloha Yoga Kula. Shortly therafter she began training under Andrea Torres at Samadhi Hawaii, where she is currently one of her aerialists. Her love and practice of Aerial Arts, Dance, Pilates, and Yoga-Astanga, Iyengar, Anusara and Training in Vinyasa with a concentration on the Iyengar Principles of Alignment, lead her to meet Ana Prada. Ana began training and sharing her concepts and movements she has cultivated, today known as Aerial Yoga. While training with Ana, within many hours of practice and creation and a deep triad friendship with Andrea a collabration happend and Vayu Aerial Yoga was founded.

We are commited to continue to explore in the evolution of this method and to share the love of Yoga with every and all individuals willing to open thier hearts and minds. Along with Aerial Yoga, Jesa also teaches Prenatal yoga and Aerial Classes and Dances with Samadhi Hawaii and Iona Contemporary Dance Theater.